Adrien Rux Has Us Fired Up Today With His Remix Of CLMD’s ‘Trouble’

At only 20 years of age, Rux has seen his production and remixing skills in high demand from some of the dance music industry’s titans, with his latest remix released via Universal Music. Packed with all the raw emotion and bursting energy of the original, Adrien Rux’s remix is a “take-me-to-the-dance-floor” kind of jam, undeniably catchy and destined to make your favourite dance playlists of this year!

Through engaging production and inspired soundscapes, both powerful and full of life, it is sure to light up every dance floor. As far as remixes go, this is one to blast at full volume from the car stereo with the windows down, on an aimless drive with friends!

Check it out now:





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