An Interview with GHOSTER: New Music, Barong Family + More

The Russian electronic music artist known as GHOSTER has been building his imprint in the industry through his destructive and hard-hitting signature sound. Currently signed to Yellow Claw’s label Barong Family, the producer carries a chip on his shoulder as he aims to leave his mark in the music industry. With a strong musical background, GHOSTER has had a passion for dance and music from a young age. Starting dancing classes when he was only three years old and eventually starting his DJ career when he was 15, this multi-talented producer has shown that anything is possible with dedication.

Here we are now, checking in on the talent as he delivers both a new single “Belong” alongside his debut EP “GHOSTOTWN” on Barong Family. To further commemorate these releases we had the opportunity to chat with the Russian producer on all things music.

For those unaware, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey guys, I am GHOSTER. A DJ/producer originally from Russia and I am currently based in Shanghai.

Growing up in Russia, can you share your perspective on the music that influenced you and how it led you to electronic music?

My taste is music has consistently been changing over time. I started to dance when I was 3 years old and was inspired by Michael Jackson. I still enjoy his music to this today. Honestly, he is a Legend. At the same time, I also listen to a lot of hip-hop music. When I was growing up, I always tried to open myself up towards many genres of music. I first fell in love with electronic music when I was thirteen years old and always draw inspiration from Daft Punk, Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia and many more icons.

Why did you begin to pursue dance music as more than just a hobby?

Dance provided me an opportunity to express my emotions and feelings ever since I was a kid.

Since moving to China, what major life adjustments did you find yourself making?

Moving to China has been full of opportunities for me in terms of the music scene. With the music industry growing more in China than Russia, I could not have been happier with the transition to life over here.

What’s the nightlife like in China?

Hahaha, Eat Sleep Rave Repeat. Party every day and every night. It is nonstop over here!

How did you first link up with the Barong Family folks for the release of your new EP?

We started to link up in 2019 after first my release “Put it down.” Then after 1 year they asked if I was ready for a GHOSTER EP and I said F**k Yeah.

What was it like collaborating with RayRay and Bellorum?

Both RayRay and Bellorum are hardworking producers with their own unique style. It was super cool spending time together in Bangkok and we made bangers to show for it. We are always cooking up new stuff together and we cannot wait to share our fresh collaborations with everyone in the near future.

What are you looking forward to the most in music?

Everyone wants to make it to the top and share their music with the world. If I did not say I agree with that, I would be lying. However, I love and enjoy the process. It is important for me to live in the moment. Right here and right now baby.



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