Cam Releases ‘The Otherside’, Co-Written By Avicii

Country artist Cam has released her newest album The Otherside and with that, the release of the title track co-written by none other than the late Avicii.

Avicii’s presence is immediately felt through the incredible melody. It also seems Avicii had a part in the writing of the vocals.

Avicii’s work ethic, Cam says, had a profound impact on her. “I felt I had to get this right for his tastes, for how much of a perfectionist he was, and also just for his family and his legacy,” she exulted. “I’m so proud of how it came together.”

Since Avicii began working on the track back in 2017, it has seen many changes until today’s official release. The track originally featured Nonnie Bao and had a different melody as heard here.

It has been two and a half years since Avicii’s passing and we are still being gifted with his incredible talents. Hopefully it is not the last.




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