Canna Gives the Inside Scoop on his Extragalactic EP Released with Halcyon

Hailing from The Netherlands, Canna is a 22 year old artist garnering attention from fans around the globe as he rises in popularity. From releases on Interval Audio, to Bewildered Productions, to Savage Society Records, and now to Halcyon, Canna has continued to showcase his diverse set of skills as a producer.

The first release on Halcyon from his Extragalactic EP was a cute hyperpop tune called “Unbound.” “I actually started this song a week before I was expected to send in the whole EP. It was all ready to go, but then I remembered Oolacile mentioned he really liked hyperpop so I thought maybe I should try it. I was walking my dog when I came up with a melody. I showed it to Oolacile who then said we should delay the EP to allow time to produce it, but I didn’t want that, so I finished it in 4 days. Also, Svdden Death and Leotrix really inspired me to do my own vocals.” Fun fact: originally, the lyrics read, “I want to know why you’re so nice, are you just here to eat my rice?” But then, Canna realized it was a more serious tone and changed it to say “waste my time?” in the end.

Canna explained that “Celestia,” a future riddim song off the EP, and “Jewels,” heavier dubstep from this EP, were both made when he was trying to teach people tricks in Ableton on sound design. He was also hardly proud of “Starfall,” a heavy riddim tune from the EP, at first: “I sent it to Ayonikz’ feedback stream and he told me I needed to finish this song; I’m really glad it turned out the way it did.”

Extragalactic was the EP’s title track harnessing the best of the old school dubstep sound, while also keeping on schedule with modern level production. The young producer recalls, “I was on a call with my friend Gaby Lara who’s a vocalist. I mentioned to her that one of my tricks for naming tracks is just using a randomizer on Wikipedia–so she found the word extragalactic and I immediately knew I liked the idea. So she sent me her vocal shot saying the word and I named the rest of the songs based on this title track. Extragalactic actually started out as just a pretty melody, too, but then evolved into dubstep.”

Halcyon is all about bringing back the best of the older dubstep sound: the complex drops, snares, and structures, production-wise, and the intensity of it’s hearfelt melodies–all things which Canna has been using in his production style for a long time. Lastly, he wanted to give a massive shoutout to Oolacile and the Halcyon team. “Huge thanks to Oolacile for being my mentor this past year whose helped teach me to not be afraid to take chances. He made a lot of the art for this EP, too, and I appreciate all his hard work. Above all, he’s become a great friend to me.” This young producer plans to release with Halcyon again in the future, and there are rumors he may or may not be working on a project with Oolacile himself. Extragalactic has set a high bar for what we can expect to hear from Canna in the future.