Luxley’s “Can’t Fool Me” is a Dance Party In The Mind

Luxley’s latest release: “Can’t Fool Me” is an immense musical journey brought to life in a dance-able banger. Created alongside Grammy Award winning engineer Count (Radiohead, DJ Shadow, Trombone Shorty, Tycho) the track oozes with energy and life. A driving bassline and rhythmic percussion acts as the foundation for catchy vocals, triggered sample effects, distorted sounds and electronic glitches, culminating in a track that will keep the party’s energy at a max.

While the musicality alone would for most artists be the full story, it is nevertheless one of many facets behind Luxley’s mysterious persona. Luxley’s Chromesthesia – the condition where one links sounds with colors – acts as the main source of inspiration behind his music and seeps into all areas of his creativity. Since picking up Photography and Graphic arts, his once secluded mental imagery is now a tangible reality through his creation of “Can’t Fool Me”’s cover art. The cover art reveals a portrait studio shot, superimposed over a faceless mannequin, a design Luxley created himself, with additional coloring and extra graphics assisted by That Boy Visuals.

 With such adept creative tendencies, his home city of New Orleans will likely revel in his multi-faceted artistic output. Stream “Can’t Fool Me” below:

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