Caroline Roxy Releases Fresh New Single ‘Lose My Mind’

Stockholm’s Caroline Roxy is back with her second single of 2020; ‘Lose My Mind’.

Since starting out as a DJ, Caroline has amassed a staggering 280K Instagram followers as well as residencies in Ibiza, London and Berlin and mainstage performances at Summerburst, Lollapalooza and the Lots of Love festival.

In 2018, Caroline shifted her focus into music making, producing a string of singles – with ‘Lose My Mind’ being the fifth. The four before have grown to an impressive 1.8 million streams just on Spotify.

The energetic house beat in ‘Lose My Mind’ propels the syncopated piano toward the drop, where doubts shed and Roxy embraces blind love.

Roxy wrote a demo with Robin Danielsson and Simon Jonasson and later presented the track to Mattias Lundborg and August Ramberg, better known as Discrete. The five-person team developed ‘Lose My Mind’, and Discrete, whose own artist project boasts some 900,000 monthly listeners, also contributed to the production; they soon emerged with this dynamic house track.

Roxy reflects on the ‘Lose My Mind’ songwriting process: “Danielsson, Jonasson and I met in the studio last fall. Late-stage pregnancy drove me crazy that day, so I channeled the feeling in the session. I played the demo for Discrete and Mattias Lundborg, and the two of them polished the lyrics and the production.”




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