Colorscapes Volume Two, Mixed By PRAANA, Dezza & Matt Fax Is Here!

The inaugural Colorscapes compilation debuted in September of 2019, meaning Volume Two is now here. Including 50 tracks, 40 of which are brand new, this compilation features the best progressive, deep and melodic house music from Enhanced off shoot Colorize.

The compilation features mixes from Matt Fax, Dezza and PRAANA. Mysterious act PRAANA kick off the album with a riveting 21-track mix that is woven together by the words of American spiritualist Ram Dass, whose message of awareness and mindfulness flows fluently over PRAANA’s impressive selection of tracks. 

Colorize name stay Dezza then brings in his unique blend of deep and driving house music with numerous unreleased tracks. Matt Fax then concludes the compilation with another stunning mix. After an impressive year from all three of these acts, they take it even further with this magical album.

This is an incredible collection of records that has us really excited for their single releases in the not so distant future. Any Colorize fans will adore this album, as should dance music fans also! It is best experienced from track 1 -50, if you have a spare 4 hours.




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