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CULTR’s 23 Favourite Dance Tracks Of 2023

Jump into 2024 with CULTR’s favourite releases of 2023. From techno to dubstep to house, this list is quite diverse and features a range of amazing songs. There’s no claim here about these being the absolute best. Music is like ice cream flavours; everyone’s got their own favourite. These tunes made the cut because they hit different chords—some with impact, others with killer production, and of course artists and songs that made a special impact on the electronic dance music world. There is no ranking and post 23, there are some honourable mentions to sink your teeth into as well. Please dive in below, there are some undiscovered gems that very well could be your new favourite.

Swedish House Mafia – Ray Of Solar

In a quiet music year for the Swedes, they still released an incredible track in ‘Ray Of Solar’. A cool violin was unique and together with great piano and orchestral vocals; ‘Ray Of Solar’ showed SHM still have it. The trancey, melodic feeling was very welcomed and it was certainly one of the best dance tracks out in 2023.

Adventure Club & Codeko – Feels Like You

Adventure Club and Codeko linked for a blast this year. The vibrant electronic production managed to perfectly mix their impressive talents with a stand-out vocal for a record that is equally touching and energetic. Codeko has made a number of tracks in a similar vein but with the help of Adventure Club, this one is certainly a stand-out in the electronic dance music world this year.

GENESI – Everything You Have Done (MEDUZA Edit)

MEDUZA kicked off 2023 strongly with the launch of their own label and their highly demanded edit of ‘Everything You Have Done’. They tweaked their sound to bring a fresh vibe to the scene that has certainly been duplicated now. This awesome sound design was felt at festivals and clubs around the world for some time pre and post-release.

Eli Brown – Be The One

Eli Brown knocked it out of the park with ‘Be The One’. A huge moment was Calvin Harris playing the track at Coachella with incredible lasers, thanks to the internet, the record had an extra boost, beyond being a massive techno heater. A light was shown on Eli Brown’s exceptional discography thanks to this one.

John Summit & Hayla – Where You Are

Following John Summit’s remix of Kx5’s ‘Escape’, in which Hayla did vocals, he teamed up with her directly for ‘Where You Are’. It’s not wonder Summit worked with Hayla again, her angelic vocals make the record what it is. Thanks for well-crafted melodies and production, it makes sense as to why it was one of the most-played house records this year.

Pendulum & Bullet For My Valentine – Halo

Pendulum released their four track EP this year and included was their hectic collaboration with Bullet For My Valentine; ‘Halo’. The crazy team up makes for a drum and bass production with unmatched energy from Bullet For My Valentine. The rock/metal elements are not a first for Pendulum, who dabble themselves. ‘Halo’ is a must-listen for all fans of the ‘rocktronic’ (rock-electronic) style.

Grabbitz – Let It Bloom

Included in his 2023 LP, the multi-talented Grabbitz truly shined on ‘Let It Bloom’. Producing and singing, Grabbitz brings a hard-hitting production that still consists of delicate vocals and sounds. This one was an instant repeat, the track is powerful both production wise and vocally. Grabbitz continues to shock was such stunning musical pieces.

FISHER & Kita Alexander – Atmosphere

Premiered at Chris Lake and FISHER’s epic Coachella set, ‘Atmosphere’ is another catchy house tune from Aussie House DJ FISHER. Fellow Australian artist Kita Alexander provides a great vocal that takes the song to the next level and is the ultimate sing-along.

Mau P – Gimme That Bounce

Mau P burst onto the scene with ‘Drugs From Amsterdam’ and followed up incredibly well with a number of notable releases this year, one of the best was ‘Gimme That Bounce’ on Insomniac. As the title implies, this is one bouncy tune and has a super addicting melody.

Gorgon City – Voodoo

The first single from their 2023 album Salvation – ‘Voodoo’ is an epic techno/house belter that really set the standard for the album. The great vocal heard throughout is taken to the next level with an inviting bassline and melody from the UK duo.

Fred again.., Skrillex & Four Tet – Baby again..

The new trio on the block in 2023 was Skrillex, Fred again.. and Four Tet – the talented trio worked together various times, played a number of incredible sets together including Coachella and Madison Square Garden. They finally joined on the same track with official artists credits with ‘Baby again..’. The house production is a jam, the vocal and production is unexpectedly of the upmost quality and there is no surprise as to the success. If these three put out white noise, it would still do incredible results.

FOVOS – Lollipop

New Zealand techno duo FOVOS landed on CLUBWRK with their epic rework of ‘Lollipop’. Thanks to the familiarity of the sample, the track went viral and ended up in the likes of mint and Beast Mode Spotify playlists. The track is coming up on 10 million streams and has opened my doors for the duo.

MK – Take My Chance

MK’s ‘Take My Chance’ was an awesome house jam that dropped in October. MK manages to create a record that can fit into the pop radio world, yet still consist of his house roots. The vocal is perfect as with the melodies. MK has made another stellar vocal house track once more!

Sultan + Shepard, Le Youth feat. Julia Church – Making Time x Cycles

Whilst it is rare to see mashups officially released, it helps to be on the same label. From Sultan + Shepard’s ‘Making Time’ with Julia Church, the outstanding vocal was placed on the instrumental mix of Le Youth ‘Cycles’. The result is a song better than both original mixes, it manages to give you goosebumps, hope and energy in one feeling. Sultan + Shepard and Le Youth have released some incredible music this year, no wonder merging them would result in such greatness.

MK & Dom Dolla – Rhyme Dust (Dimension Remix)

What is better than MK and Dom Dolla’s epic collab ‘Rhyme Dust’? A Dimension drum and bass remix! Capturing the sampled vocal from the original, Dimension injects a bouncy D&B bassline to turn it from a house banger to something so different yet familiar.

Seven Lions & Above & Beyond feat. Opposite the Other – Over Now

Seven Lions and Above & Beyond teamed up again this year for exceptional results. ‘Over Now’ is a melodic trance piece that truly encapsulates the emotion that music can provide. Thanks to sensational vocals from Opposite the Other, ‘Over Now’ has soaring breaks that lead to a drop that really packs a punch, whilst still focusing on the sound design and melody. Whilst the talent involved will always make for a top track, this was still an incredible surprise.

Cassian & ICEHOUSE – Great Southern Land

Cassian tied up a new version with ICEHOUSE, for their classic ‘Great Southern Land’. Cassian injects a thumping house beat alongside the iconic vocal and the result is a record that doesn’t disrespect the original but allows for a fresh 2023 version.

Skrillex, Fred again.. & Flowdan – Rumble

Another Skrillex track on this list as he had one of the best years any artist could. Teaming up with good friend Fred again.. again… as well as Flowdan for the epic track that is ‘Rumble’ which has since surpassed 100 million streams since its release in January. The track marked the proper return of Skrillex and the dual albums that followed. This song had a significant impact on the industry thanks to the quality and talent involved.

TELYKAST & Georgia Ku – You Got Me

TELYKAST and Georgia Ku linked on ‘You Got Me’ earlier in the year and the song has not gotten worse on the many listens since. The feel-good anthem is brought to life with energy from TELYKAST’s electrifying production and Ku’s wonderful vocal. This is the perfect dance pop crossover that will certainly put a smile on your face.

LE YORA – Ascension

LE YORA came onto the scene with their incredible album this year, the team up from SOMMA, JEWELS and YUMA released some incredible music and were certainly condenser for album of the year. It was not easy to pick one from the bunch. This group had a lot of talent and success individually so there is no surprise to how good this album turned out to be.

Will Sparks – Round Round

Will Sparks covers a classic vocal with the help of Gigi Russ on ‘Round Round’, released just a couple of weeks ago – it’s already doing notable numbers on streaming platforms. The track showcases a blend of banging techno and big room. 2023 was a stand-out year for Sparks with the release of his album and he closes it off amazingly with ‘Round Round’.

Kevin de Vries & Mau P – Metro

Kevin de Vries links with Mau P as he shifts from house to techno with ‘Metro’. This record was included in almost every DJ set and when played as an ID in Miami, a meteorite shower flew above to make for an epic moment. The track deserves a place in this list and future shows the talent that makes Kevin de Vries and Mau P some of the best newcomers in 2023.

AK & Sublab – Motion

AK & Sublab have collaborated many times and this year one certainly stood out, that was ‘Motion’. The electronic blend was a treat upon release and is still so fresh now. The track is a super cool alteration of house and is simply sublime. This one is a must-listen.

Honourable Mentions

RL Grime feat. 070 Shake – Pour Your Heart Out

Cristoph – Come With Me

Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Bibi Bourelly – Still Here (with the ones that I came with)

Pryda – The Return

Joy Anonymous – JOY (Head To The Sky)

Goodboys – Rewind

HÜMAN & Tudor – Craving You

Seedphrase – Angels

John Dahlbäck & David Mallory – Top Of The World

Hannah Wants feat. Hannah Boleyn – Hard To Breathe

Golden Features feat. Louisahhh – Vapid

Wintersix feat. Alisky – Rain

Dimension – DJ Turn It Up

KREAM & Marlo Rex – Blur