Cyberpunkers Release Forward-thinking Single “Synthblade”

Based in Milan, Italy, Cyberpunkers are creating bassheavy and industrial-inspired tunes that are slowly but surely taking over the world. Their sound brings together past and future in a tasteful way, while they manage to blend ominous atmospheres and gritty bass with 80s-inspired synths and aesthetics. 

Their latest release just came out in the form of “Synthblade” via Dancing Dead, and it undoubtedly is one of their best works to date. Taking a step back from previous tracks such as “Russell Bro” and “Doom Eternal”, Cyberpunkers create a melodic, 4-on-the-floor gem with “Synthblade”, that sounds like the soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie. Gritty basslines, bright synth melodies and high-energy grooves drive this release, allowing Cyberpunkers to once again showcase their production talents. 

If you like “Synthblade”, the label has created a Synthwave playlist with similar tracks so make sure to check it out below: 

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