Daft Punk Air Rare 1997 Set on Twitch & Release Anniversary Edition Of ‘Homework’

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of their incredible album Homework, Daft Punk return one year after their retirement.

The new version of the album, embedded below includes a number of new remixes that have not yet been released on DSPs in the digital era. The likes of Masters At Work, DJ Sneak, Todd Terry, Motorbass, Slam, Ian Pooley, I:Cube, Roger Sanchez & Junior Sanchez are heard on the new remixes.

Daft Punk also went live on 2/22 at 2:22pm PST with a one off live stream on Twitch of the Mayan 97’ concert as part of Daftendirektour, the first concert tour by Daft Punk from January to December 1997.

What does this mean for Daft Punk, are they back? It’s been exactly a year since their retirement and with this return of sorts, could something beyond today be in the works? Either way, just hearing something from the French duo is enough to make the week for millions of fans around the world.





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