Dance Community Daybreaker Releases Single Involving 350+ Collaboration Partners ‘Joy Generation’

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to collaborate with hundreds of people on one song, that’s exactly what the organization Daybreaker has brought to their community through an upbeat zoom call experience. “Joy Generation,” is the end result of their efforts, an anthemic, meaningful single. The track ended up sounding like something down the lane of Mumford And Sons or MGMT, bursting with personality via it’s acoustic rhythm section, moving vocal work, and a chorus that gets down right epic.

Daybreaker is a fascinating entity from tip to tail, where yoga and meditation are connected with dance music events, their shows having taken place in 28 cities around the world. The concept is far from the small-time, Daybreaker has toured with Oprah, where they performed at 9 sold out arena spaces.

In March of 2020, the organization swapped over to virtual events, where they were able to service over 200K people through the special series across 112 countries. The level of creativity that Daybreaker embraces, created by Radha Agrawal, calls for a huge level of innovation and a forecasting of the future. Finding a format to translate the vibes it’s known for on a digital level is an impressive feat in and of itself.

Check Out Joy Generation and see what the hype is about. Events are coming up in August with more surely to be announced, don’t miss the opportunity to be apart of something special.





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