Dezza Drops Amazing Sophomore Album ’44° North, 63° West’

Inspired by and a celebration of the small coastal province of Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada (Which is located at 44° North, 63° West) that he calls home, 44° North, 63° West sees Dezza aka Derek Silvester at his musical best. 

The 19 track package produces some incredible pieces of music. Dezza unleashes some amazing melodies that are elevated by the vocal and overall production work. From track 1 to 19, the LP shines and is a must listen for anyone into melodic house music.

He recruits a host of impressive collaborators to breathe further life into his productions, including vocalists from around the world like Lauren L’aimant, EMME, Dan Soleil, HEBE, Lewyn, Møøne and Mike Schmid, who bring their own perspectives and stories to ’44° North, 63° West’ with their first-rate performances.




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