Diplo & Secular Sabbath Collaborate with Insider Expeditions For Antarctic Luxury Expedition from December 13th to 20th

Grammy-winning artist, producer, and DJ Diplo has officially announced his collaboration with the wellness collective Secular Sabbath for a luxurious seven-day journey to Antarctica, scheduled from December 13th to 20th. This exceptional expedition, presented in partnership with Insider Expeditions, intends to raise both funds and awareness for ocean conservation.

“Finally checking Antarctica off the bucket list with Secular Sabbath,” Diplo says.

The voyage will occur aboard The World Voyager, a 100-cabin luxury yacht equipped with cutting-edge technology. After flying from Punta Arenas, Chile to the continent via private charter, guests can anticipate a range of experiences, including multiple DJ sets and live performances, an interactive Q&A session with Diplo, exquisite culinary offerings, and wellness activities by Secular Sabbath such as sound baths, yoga, and breathwork. Additionally, guided excursions will provide the chance to explore the unique Antarctic landscape.

With a history spanning more than 15 years, Insider Expeditions specializes in curating extraordinary journeys and retreats for specialized groups, artists, and organizations across all seven continents. Their repertoire includes mission-driven expeditions with non-profits, entrepreneurial brainstorming workshops, wellness and yoga retreats, family reunions, and musical and sports adventures with celebrities. Their overarching mission revolves around sharing a profound love for the world through thoughtfully crafted experiences, ethical travel practices, and truly transformative journeys.

Based in Los Angeles, Secular Sabbath is a collective centered around ambient music and sensory experiences. At its core lies the therapeutic potential of ambient music, known for its profound psychological and subliminal effects on human well-being. Secular Sabbath presents a unique form of meditation practice that integrates sensory experiences, mindfulness techniques, and enjoyment to achieve the ultimate state of relaxation and rejuvenation, harmoniously integrated into daily life.

Drawing from more than 15 years of touring experience that has taken him across the globe, from Havana to Kathmandu, Corsica to Karachi, Diplo now directs his attention to the last continent on his bucket list—Antarctica. He has performed in a myriad of unconventional locations, including the streets of Paris, a dog park, a bridge in Australia, and even a minivan in London.

Approximately 100 fortunate fans will have the opportunity to join Diplo, along with fellow guests and artists, on this remarkable voyage. Further information about the expedition, including details about ticketing and accommodations, can be accessed through this link: insiderexpeditions.com/diplo.




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