Excision Launches Subsidia Label With Massive 118 Track Release

Excision has just launched his new imprint Subsidia after a two week countdown. There are normal ways to debut a label, such as have the head artist, in this case Excision, release a brand new original as the first release. However, Subsidia have dropped a staggering 118 tracks from over 100 different artists across three albums.

The 118 tracks are a dream for all bass heads. The three compilations span three different day times, from Dawn to Dusk to Night. Dawn encapsulates more of the chiller and uplifting records, whilst Dusk focuses on the “cutting edge of experimental bass” and Night bring forward the much harder, heavier and bassier records. Excision’s numerous fans will surely love all 118 singles.

“It’s been a tough year so far, and with a lot of time to reflect on our goals, it gave us the unique opportunity to approach them from a different decision,”

“I’ve always supported diversity and creativity in as many ways as possible, and a new label felt like the best way to do that. Not only will Subsidia aim to push the boundaries of Bass Music, from Heavy to Melodic to Experimental, it will also support everyone from established big names to rising young stars.” Excision explained.




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