Ilan Bluestone Delivers Amazing ‘Impulse’ Album

Ilan Bluestone has been at the forefront of the euphoric and hard hitting trance scene for a while, notably after releasing his terrific Scars LP. The British act today releases his next album, Impulse.

With just two of the 18 tracks not featuring vocals, Ilan has tapped some incredible talents to add another layer to Impulse‘s incredible instrumentals. Ilan also doesn’t shy away from non-trance records, featuring interlude like songs such as ‘Santo’, the retro ‘Hopeless Dreamer’ and drum and bass infused ‘Stay’. There are plenty of familiar names scattered throughout the track-listing. Ilan teams up with good friend and frequent collaborator Maor levi on two records. Giuseppe de Luca also contributes his vocal work to a stunning five of the album’s tracks, which are all notable performances.

The mix of heavy hitting trance beats and the euphoric trance elements is perfect, each track presents wonderful melodies and impeccable production quality.

“Two years of pouring my heart out and here it is… I’m extremely proud and excited that after many long sleepless nights, endless fine-tuning, chasing perfection, and pressing deadlines, my brand new 2nd artist album ‘Impulse’ is out now!”, Ilan says.

With Ilan Bluestone’s last album Scars surpassing over 30 million streams, there’s not doubt that Impulse will follow in those footsteps.




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