Feed Me releases stunning new album ‘High Street Creeps’

Feed Me returns with a brand new album ‘High Street Creeps’ via Deamau5’s imprint Mau5trap. The British producer stormed onto the scene around 2010 picking up notable support and worldwide acclaim across records such as Death By Robot, Big Adventure and the 2013 album ‘Calamari Tuesday’.

‘High Street Creeps’ his second album shows off some impressive new music across a well thought out body of work that shows of one of the most progressive and forward thinking artistic talents. Hard hitting tracks such as Sleepless, Barrel Love, Satanic Panic are balanced by a precision production on vocally supported highlights such as Feel Love, Pumpkin Eyes, Till The Wheels Come Off and Defiant. Listen, and listen again this record continues to grow on us.

Known best for creating heaving bass-lines primed for sweaty clubs and simultaneously creating global hits such as ‘Love Is All I Got’. He also dons various other aliases including the highly acclaimed Spor, and owns the Sotto Voce label imprint. To celebrate the release he hosted a very interesting AMA on reddit, if you’re interested in his creative process, favourite food, his plans for more live shows it’s well worth a read!

High Street Creeps is available everywhere, listen below on Spotify.




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