Flosstradamus, Blunt Action & Aegis Studio Collab for “World’s First Smokable NFT”

After announcing their brief hiatus from the music world, Curt Cameruci aka Flosstradamus has announced their newest innovative project. The artist known for their boundary-breaking, instantly-recognizable tunes (ie. “Came Up”, “Soundclash”) that paved the way for trap, Floss has delved into a new creative side and has given his fan base, HDYNATION, a whole new idea to rave about -collaborating with multimedia company Blunt Action to deliver to the public the world’s first “smokable” NFT. Behind the idea combines vaporizers and a portable USB device to create what they call the Genesis Device – a true representation of what modern-day art trading can hold.

Floss describes coming up with this idea as “in an era with music and art where I started to feel boxed in and when the NFT space started to open up it felt like I could do anything and the possibilities were endless. I wanted to push the boundaries of the NFT and lead by example of how we can expand this area.”

This art piece can be called a “hybrid” of audiovisual art and is also 420 friendly, where cannabis and Flosstradamus enthusiasts can own an NFT that is both digital and physical, as well as providing mind-altering experiences. Two versions were released: on April 19th, a 4/20 special edition digital art piece was sold for $4.20, appealing to the general public. On April 20th, the collaboration released the limited-edition 3/3 HYDNATION-themed electronic vape, equipped with the rare digital asset. The highest bidder will receive the rarest out of the collection, a chrome-plated “HDY-VAPE” that has the highest-quality smoking technology for THC and CBD users alike.

This never-before-seen technology is a fully immersive “Genesis Experience” that breaks boundaries in how music and art is experienced, which could potentially lead to new and more immersive ways we perceive the world of NFTs.

Listen to Flosstradamus here:




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