Golden Bug Collaborates with Anna Jean and The Limiñanas for Psychedelic Single ‘L’Effet Domino’

Two years following the overwhelming media praise for the “Piscolabis” album, Antoine Harispuru, widely recognized as Golden Bug, introduces an ambitious collaboration that brings together two illustrious French acts: the talented Anna Jean, the voice and leader of Juniore, and the unparalleled The Limiñanas. This partnership paves the way for not just a singular track but heralds a forthcoming album set to launch by summer’s end.

Antoine shared his vision, stating, “For a long time, the idea of bringing together two of my favorite French bands, Juniore and The Limiñanas, on the same track haunted me. This aspiration, initially just a simple vision, finally took shape with ‘L’Effet Domino’. The marriage of the distorted rhythms from my drum machines, the smooth voice of Anna Jean, and the unmistakable sound of The Limiñanas, with their guitars infused with peyotl, create a slow-motion psychedelic and retro-futuristic highway.”

The music video for “L’Effet Domino,” directed by Pierre Magnol, encapsulates the dark, psychedelic essence of the track through seven impactful visuals. These images confront global issues such as the invasive glow of screens and the devastation of Amazonian deforestation, alongside the contentious arms trade.

This new venture offers a glimpse into what fans might expect from “Piscolabis II,” promising an array of sonic experiences that blend electronic, disco, dub, and psychedelic elements. Antoine Harispuru, known for his multifaceted role in the music industry as a producer, DJ, music supervisor, and label owner, continues to experiment with sound and form over his extensive fifteen-year career, consistently pushing the boundaries of electronic music.




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