HI-LO, Oliver Heldens Alias, Reveals ‘Waking Life (A New Dawn)’ On Fast-Growing Label ‘HILOMATIK’

When you tune into the what HILOMATIK has to offer, the brainchild of Oliver Heldens under his HI-LO alias, there’s an undeniable vibe that grips you. Launched in 2023, this label is about more than pumping out techno tracks- a big focus is creating a whole new rhythm that gets your heart racing and feet moving. It’s like a fresh wave in the techno scene, bringing with it a splash of energy and innovation.

Take Pura Vida EP, the first release from HILOMATIK. It laid down the kind of vibes that stick with you in which you find yourself humming long after the party’s over. Then came a series of electrifying releases like “RIDE OR DIE” with Eli Brown and “Arpeggio” alongside Space 92. Each track seems to have its own personality, yet they all share that signature HI-LO energy – intense, gripping, and absolutely dance-inducing.

“Waking Life (A New Dawn)” featuring Michael Ekow is where HI-LO really plays around with unique and somewhat experimental ideas, blending UK garage and techno in a way that feels both familiar and fresh. It’s got this intensity that’s perfect for the depths of a club night but also carries a kind of appeal that reaches beyond the regular techno crowd.

What’s cool about HILOMATIK and HI-LO’s approach to music is the laid-back yet profound understanding of what makes a track click. Each release from the label brings something new to the table, keeping the techno scene on its toes.

In a nutshell, HILOMATIK is like a new flavor in the world of techno. With each new track, HI-LO he’s creating an experience, one that’s as exhilarating on a dance floor as it is through your headphones. It’s this eased, laid-back approach to techno that makes HILOMATIK stand out and keeps us eagerly waiting for what’s next.




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