Mau P Drops Another Hit ‘On Again’, Featuring Mike Dean

Mau P is pushing the boundaries of his artistic expression with his latest release, ‘On Again’, available now through Insomniac Records. This milestone project marks the debut of Mau P’s vocals and features synth work from renowned producer Mike Dean.

The distinct sound of Mau P shines through in ‘On Again’, further enhanced by a captivating hook and the signature synth work of producer extraordinaire Mike Dean. However, it’s Mau P’s vocals that truly stand out, introducing an unprecedented element that promises to redefine his artistic journey.

“This song has had such a beautiful process where I feel like I really found a new part of me as an artist,” Mau P says about On Again. “I always felt like it was a demo that was meant for a bigger artist than myself, but after showing everyone the version with my vocals on it it just stuck. The magic was already there and after getting Mike Dean’s blessing on it, it really felt perfect.”

It’s rare for an artist to deliver quality record after quality record, especially after your debut is such a hit – but Mau P has achieved this. ‘On Again’ continues Mau P’s inpecable track record.




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