Isaiah Brown Delivers Mind-Bending Music Video For His Single, ‘Me & U’

It’s not often that you come across an artist with the ability to break down the walls of genre like Isaiah Brown. Hailing from Los Angeles, Isaiah has spent more than a decade cultivating his signature recipe of sound, melting elements of pop, hip-hop, electronic, and other music together. His exotic style has resulted in recognition and collabs with some of today’s top artists in the EDM space, such as Pixel Terror, ARIUS, and Bonnie X Clyde.

Already accumulating over 5 million collective streams on just Spotify, Isaiah is set on expanding his impact on music fans even more. The first step for him in this process has been to drop a music video for his 2022 anthem, “Me & U”. Immediately locking in its audience, the video starts with ethereal visuals that line up nicely with the song’s heavy trap-like beat and tantalizing melodies. Throughout “Me & U”, Isaiah is shown in different aesthetic settings while singing heartfelt lyrics.

Encapsulating around the themes of never giving up on someone you love and overpowering life’s challenges, “Me & U” highlights Isaiah’s raw passion and musical creativity. With upcoming live performances and other projects as well, Isaiah promises that this spellbinding music video is only the beginning of an exciting 2023.




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