Jamie XX Kicks Off Summer With New Release “idontknow”

Amidst the new releases in the music world, Jamie xx beaks through with his much-anticipated single “idontknow“, released mid-April by Young Turks. After gaining much critically-acclaimed success for his 2015 album In Colour, the producer is ready to get moving once again. “idontknow” has been heard here and there through certain sets of his, but is now finally available for streaming pleasure to the public, nominating as a potential new summer anthem for us to bump on our speakers. Upon this release a 7″ version has been available for streaming as well, a shorter edit for the radio releases and mixes to come.

idontknow” features the classic Jamie xx sound. Smooth and leveled basslines mixed with dreamy vocal samples and melodic synth wave elements to encapsulate a groovy rhythmic tune. The complex polyrhythms that blend and build up to a faster, almost drum ‘n’ bass feel with the introduction of the echoic vocal samples that coincide with the drums, give an exact feel of a dark, big room dance hall that has been missing for all of us. The synth elements layered upon the vocals acts as a nostalgic feel to his previous works, but how they are interpreted in this track give a fresh, expressive, and deep flow that this track gives off.






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