Joan Alasta Shines In New Single ‘Wrecked My Heart’

Some relationships walk the fine line between spiritual elevation and mutual destruction… In “Wreck my Heart”, Joan Alasta explores the painful but beautiful implications of this emotional instability, expressing both confidence and doubt that she can survive the lethal storms of romantic passion. She addresses a mysterious lover who, we understand, is both fatally attractive and mysteriously dangerous.

A mid-tempo, Deep House-flavoured track with a laid-back, mellow atmosphere and spacious soundscapes, against which Joan’s velvety, emotional voice weaves evocative melodies showcasing her ample yet subtle vocal skills.

Sitting at 200,000 streams already, this is not the first time that Joan has seen success. She contributed her emotive take on Alok and Mathieu Koss’ ‘Big Jet Plane’ with her vocals, which now has over 130 million streams.




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