Josh Rubin Releases ‘Hold On’ Via MrSuicideSheep’s Label Found Red Records

“Hold On,” represents a deeply personal song from rising musician Josh Rubin. The single is vocal focused, sharing a meaningful story within that’s both personable and easy to relate too. Soft percussion matches up with eased guitar work to platform an emotional vibe. The timbre at hand matches the aura that flows forward. A smooth and swift drop comes it and ascends the energy to new places. The single focuses on a ‘less is more’ type of design strategy, which makes for a momentous journey that the listener will want to be on time and time again.

One message that’s within the lyrics is Josh Rubin is he is human just like the rest of us, having his own issues and struggles. But, if we can “Hold On,” good things will come in the future – we grow as people plus life does throw us bones now and then – the song puts these sentiments in sonic form, an aspect that’s captivating and refreshing all in the same go.

From his music being played out by artists at Coachella and EDC Vegas as well as being supported by acts like Pixel Terror, Nurko, and ARMNHMR, Josh Rubin is gaining ground for all the right reasons.




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