Julianna Townsend Drops Slick New R&B Jam ‘I Won’t Wait’

Singer-model Julianna Townsend continues her impressive run of singles with “I Won’t Wait,” a catchy throwback R&B jam that feels classic the first time you hear it. Producer Shuko (Kanye West, Timbaland, Anderson .Paak) provides a bouncy track layered with funky guitars that recall Jay Z and Pharrel’s “Frontin” and adds an immediately nostalgic flavor. Julianna captures that vibe lyrically with an introspective look at how her younger self compares to who she’s become as a woman today. Her soft and inviting voice only adds more depth to the compelling idea she explores.

Julianna elaborates more on the song concept:

“The song “I Won’t Wait” basically has a deeper meaning to me than it may seem – Even if it doesn’t seem like it but i do struggle a lot with self confidence and with negative thoughts about myself. And with this song i wanted to express how i sometimes would like to be my younger self again – me as a child seemed so much calmer, funnier less thoughts what other people would think and also more self confidence and open to fulfill dreams.”

Julianna finished 2nd on the 2018 edition of Germany’s Next Top Model and in 2019 became the face of three major TV ad campaigns in her home country. Her debut single “Sunday Blues,” also produced by Shuko has racked up over 1.5 million streams since its release. 

I Won’t Wait” is now available on all streaming platforms.




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