LISTEN: Get Lost in Aiwake & Saen’s “Faded Patterns” Ahead Of Upcoming EP

Joining forces on this lush escapade, upcoming producers aiwake & Saen share “Faded Patterns” with the world. Ahead of their upcoming “#99000a” EP, the two grip listeners into a compelling vocal dream state with their lead single. Atop a pop-infused production, intensely personal lyrical croonings glide elegantly, laced with somber synth work and a melancholy blow. Aiwake and Saen establish a touching composition within this Maudlin soundscape. “Faded Patterns” is an ode to flickering feelings and impetuous longing and is a moment’s gaze into the sincere spirit.

“The title ‘Faded Patterns’ is both literal and expressive. It’s a series of smooth and abrasive textures that create moving patterns underneath nostalgic lyrics. Faded patterns sneak in and out, bringing you back to old habits and feelings you hoped you forgot.”Saen.

“‘Faded Patterns’ is a projection of gritty cinematic pop. It is remembering something you have yet to experience; the extension of an emotion that is already gone. It displays motions over repetitions, nostalgic textures waiting to be defined.” aiwake


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