LISTEN: Shöckface and Lauren Martinez Reunite on “How You Like Me Now”

Shöckface and Lauren Martinez have reunited for a new toxic love anthem ‘how you like me now.’ ‘how you like me now’ is the fifth collaboration between the two emerging creatives. With each collaboration sounding immensely distinct from the next, the two musicians continue to impress sonically on their latest collaborative endeavor.

The two creatives met over 4 years ago in music college at LACM in Pasadena, California. Slowly they developed a 1 of 1 bond, which over time they fused elements of each other’s styles into ‘how you like me now.’ From their debut collaboration on Trap Nation’s Lowly Palace ‘im afraid to be sober’ to ‘eternal’ and now ‘how you like me now’ the two incredibly skilled musicians showcase their talent in songwriting, production, mixing, and mastering all in over just 2 minutes.




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