Logic Kicks Off Ultra 85 Album Rollout With Groovy Joint ‘Fear’

Logic has kicked off the rollout for his upcoming album Ultra 85. The versatile artist from the East Coast has kept fans waiting for this project for several years. The prolonged wait appears to be nearing its end this year as Logic provided his followers with an update on Ultra 85 at the start of the month via his Instagram and today the first single ‘Fear’ drops.

‘Fear’ is a different tune to most that come from the Maryland-born rapper, it’s backed by a groovy electronic production that takes the song to the next level. Whilst there are many fresh and new sounds for Logic, there are many familiar sounds heard throughout that will indicate who is behind the song.

“’Fear’ is about pushing aside self-doubt and not allowing yourself or anyone else to get in the way of what or who you want to be,” says Logic.

This incredible album artwork can be credited to Sam Spratt who has done a plethora of his covers throughout his lengthy discography. This will be Logic’s first true album since 2023’s College Park in February. However, he did also drop a bandcamp exclusive mixtape Inglorious Basterd that featured some classic samples of other popular rap classics. But, for the first single, we have all the news on that.

Logic kicked off the album campaign with a promotional website. Named Babel, the website features an interactive interface, requiring users to navigate through various files to reconstruct the narrative intended by the album. Logic has integrated two screenplays that introduce characters set in the year 2115. Additionally, fans can discover nine musical easter eggs from the forthcoming album, some of which connect to the rapper’s past releases.

In 2020, he dropped his supposed retirement album, No Pressure. The outro track titled Heard Em Say featured a robotic voice proclaiming, “This concludes the No Pressure program. No Pressure, Ultra 85. Welcome to the Ultra 85 program.” The Ultra 85 program has now officially started, and started very well in fact with ‘Fear’.




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