Lose Yourself In Bearson’s Soundscape On “All In”

It’s rather rare to be able to lose yourself in the atmosphere of a single song. Whichever element allows you to escape reality, it must mean that something is being done right. That’s exactly the case we have here as we listen to Bearson’s newest single “All In.”

Featuring the vocal prowess of Georgia Ku & JRM, the three artists hone in their talents to gift listeners a dreamlike scenario. Utilizing lush guitar melodies, slow pop-fused beats, and smooth vocals, Bearson creates something vibrant yet musically diverse for your listening pleasure.

All In started a late night in Nicaragua in the jungle with a bunch of friends through a Neon Gold songwriting camp. The process of it all was so fun and effortless. There’s something magical about the stuff you make in a jungle, you’re drawn away from all distractions and you get closer to the music in a way. I’m very excited to share this song with the world!”

– Bearson





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