Biometrix and Nat James Drop Earth-Shaking Track ‘Heavy Artillery’ On Position Music

“Heavy Artillery,” the recent collaboration between Biometrix and Nat James, packs in a massive punch without remorse and will leave you wanting mor. Released by Position Music, the track is crafted to elevate the listener’s experience, with its bass drops that smack and lyrics engineered to heighten the sense of adrenaline – the tune hit’s the spot whether it be an intense gaming session or a strenuous workout.

Before we dive into the details, for those who may be overlooking the label, Position Music, here’s a bit on how they work. The label has a bank of sync-hungry contacts. They effectively align their extensive catalog of releases with the specific requests of various companies, brands, and organizations, leveraging their contacts for optimal results. This is a superb model and an awesome opportunity for artist financially and in terms of reaching a new audience.

“Heavy Artillery” is the kind of track that doesn’t tiptoe around. It announces itself with authority, much like the artists behind it, yet in this sonic venture, the music speaks louder. Biometrix’s signature bass that has been shaking up the electronic landscape merges with the undeniable energy of Nat James’s vocals to create something that’s both a battle cry and a call to the dance floor. The single stands as a fusion of intention and instinct. It’s structured yet wild, calculated yet free – attributes that mirror the craft of Biometrix and Nat James. But here, the song takes center stage, capturing an essence that’s tailored for moments demanding an unstoppable soundtrack.

The song is the front runner of the TAKE EM ALL EP, hinting at what’s to come. In the vast landscape of bass music, “Heavy Artillery” lands with the effect its name suggests—loud, impactful, and impossible to ignore.




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