MEDUZA Interview: New Music, Dream Collab, Touring Australia + More

If you have been living under a rock for the past year, MEDUZA are an Italian act that released the hit track ‘Piece Of Your Heart’ with the Goodboys. Since that release, they followed it up with ‘Lose Control’ and numerous solid house remixes!

The diamond record awarded trio joined us for a Q&A to discuss their upcoming Australian tour, 2020 music, Piece Of Your Heart, bringing house to radio and more.

Catch MEDUZA playing at FOMO across Australia in January!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, where in the world are you right now?

I’m in London for studio sessions, we’re currently working on new music for 2020

Having launched Meduza only recently, can you tell us a little about what you were doing before and how the concept came about?

Simone and Luca started their journey by working together on some projects nearly 10 years ago, and we all met a few years later. In those years we got to work on a few things together. Finally when we were in the studio for sessions working on tracks like Piece of Your Heart almost two years ago, we decided to form Meduza. Meduza is the dark and gritty character from Greek mythology – we thought that it fit and felt right with the style of house music we wanted to create.

Your debut track Piece Of Your Heart with Goodboys has received Diamond, Platinum and Gold status around the world, did you know the potential of the track when you finished it?

We make the music that we love and feel we would enjoy listening to. We don’t make music with the focus of being successful, only of making quality house music.

Your sound is quite distinct from other producers at the moment, how would you describe it?

We’re bringing the melodic and progressive house sound and the underground vibe to the mainstream dance music and the radio.

House music is really dominating now, thanks to artists like yourselves. Where do you see the genre heading?

We’re happy that we can have an impact on how things are going with House music. It’s heavily embedded in our own personal history of music, it’s the reason we all started. We’d really like to see House music become a regular thing on the radio again. We’re supportive of all our colleagues in music trying to do the same.

Becky Hill is a seminal vocalist in dance music, how did the collaboration come about and what was the inspiration behind Lose Control?

We have always been a fan of Becky’s writing/vocal skills, so we were excited to get in a session with her, as well as Goodboys in London at the start of 2019. We wanted to keep the same mood and same signature of Meduza style for the follow up but with a little bit more radio friendly but in a house way.

The music video for the track looked incredible. Can you share any interesting stories or facts about its creation?

We really wanted something different for this, as so many dance music videos are generic and more based on nightclubs/parties. We wanted something that aligned with the spirit of the track.

You’ve toured across the US, Asia and Europe so far. Where has been your favourite place to play so far?

I had a great time touring the US. Every state/city is so different from the next, it was definitely an interesting experience and dream come true.

You are touring with FOMO festival around Australia in early 2020. Have you ever been to Australia before?

I have never been to Australia before; I am very excited that my first time gets to be because I’m touring and doing something I love.

Aside from your shows, what are you most looking forward to doing/seeing in Australia?

I’m really looking forward to seeing every corner of Australia; the desert, sea, monuments, cities and I’m excited to see the kangaroos too. I’m a little worried about spiders.

Who are 3 artists that we will always hear in your sets?

I change the track list in every place so it will be hard to hear the same set twice.

If you could name one artist that you hope to collaborate with, whom would you choose?

Definitely The Weeknd – I am a massive fan of his vocals and sound, I think we could create something really cool together

When can we expect to hear the next Meduza track and can you share any details with us?

I can’t reveal too much, but you can expect to hear something in the start of 2020, and there will be a male featured on the track.

Meduza will be performing at FOMO Festival around Australia in early January. Check the set below to see what to expect!