Billboard #1 Songwriter Krysta Youngs Releases ‘Mental Breakdown’ Music Video Highlighting Mental Health

Through the channel of of a bubbly dance-pop template, Krysta Youngs has injected new light into the mental health conversation through the music industry via “Mental Breakdown. The video eclectically brings together a human, artistic, and cultural conversation components all in one go in the video. The merging of these effects sends off fireworks in the brain as different meaningful categories to think on are placed at the forefront.

It’s easy to put yourself in Krysta Youngs shoes, anxiety and depression on some level is virtually inescapable, especially as older age comes closer with each passing day. Time is precious. The video highlights a moment of turmoil as the lead figure, (Krysta herself), tussles with the choices and memories of a relationship that’s gone south. Simultaneously, this active anxiety is portrayed in a frame of a song and dance. The dichotomy happening together gives a more existential, deeper disposition as to what’s in front of your eyes.

On the video and audio front, “Mental Breakdown,” hits high points and makes the end-viewer feel not as alone with their problems.

Krysta Youngs has had immense success in her career. She co-wrote BTS’s “On,” featuring Sia, has achieved Platinum and Billboard #1 status through her songwriting, and has collaborated with some of the biggest artists in the world including Seth in the Kitchen, Philip Lawrence, Evan Bogart, JR Rotem, Melanie Fontana, Marty James, Marshmello, and so many others.

She has her success strategy down to a science, “Mental Breakdown,” embodying her unique talents as she pours her know-how into her own career righteously.




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