New Dance Sounds: Alan Walker, Afrojack, ARTY + More

Another week, another set of releases! Discover a range of dance genres below that have released this week!

Alan Walker & ISÁK – Sorry [Sony]

ISÁK joins Alan Walker for ‘Sorry’. Alan Walker showcases his classic sound throughout, but switches it up at the end, highlighting a different and harder sound. Together with ISÁK’s vocals, this is a treat from all involved.

Marc Benjamin & Afrojack feat. Vula – Start Over Again [Wall]

With its mellow chords and Vula’s touching vocals, the tune builds towards an uplifting chorus that underlines the singer’s indestructible ability to move you with her powerful efforts. Marc Benjamin and Afrojack lay down the perfect soundtrack for the song, blending warm piano chords and punchy house rhythms with a melodic brass chorus.

ARTY – Take Your Time [Armada]

ARTY is back with Armada for 2021, starting off with ‘Take Your Time’. Showcasing the best of ARTY, the track has outstanding vocals that pair perfectly with ARTY’s signature uplifting melodic dance-trance blend.

Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman vs. Mike Perry – We Are Here Now [Buce]

Swedish duo Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman are back with Mike Perry for ‘We Are Here Now’. The progressive house track is not their best but still, anything from these artists is always gold!

Man Cub & Maggie York – Real Me [Enhanced]

Two talents collide with ‘Real Me’. Man Cub brings his exceptional electronic sounds that perfect blend with Maggie’s vocals. Landing on Enhanced, ‘Real Me’ is a must listen for fans of either act.

Heimanu – Mira [Liquid Ritual]

The hardwave release encompassed the genre’s progression into the mainstream with its EDM heavy aesthetic while retaining the euphoric bass aspects. With a focus on propulsive momentum, Heimanu imbues a sense of urgency into the record resulting in a listening experience reserved for the dancefloor or festival mosh pit.

Deaf Kev & Kalu – Housefire [Frequency]

Deaf Kev teams up with Kalu for ‘Housefire’. The production is super catchy and likely to be in your head after listening! After hundreds of millions of streams on his single ‘Invincible’, ‘Housefire’ has potential to replicate those numbers.

Defunk x Birthdayy Party – Time Machine [Westwood]

Defunk and Birthdayy Partyy bring the heat with their genre-morphing collaboration, ‘Time Machine’. Mixing bass house with electro-influenced sonics, the pairing team up for a formidable party sizzler. Constructing a buzzy synth melody and destructive bass distortion, the high octane cut delivers nonstop energy from start to finish, as the Canadian staple and Chicago brothers bring their collective hybrid expertises to fashioning a four-on-the-floor made to move crowds.

Jonas Schmidt, Fenox & Laeko feat. Mingue – Take What’s Yours [Sirup]

The dream time unites with ‘Take What’s Yours’. Mingue’s vocals shine on top of a killer production with hard hitting house beats and an overall punchy track!

Funky Craig & ALFIE – Wait4U [Skink]

Funky Craig joins ALFIE on ‘Wait4U’, a killer disco house production that is sure to get you grooving. With collaborations with the like of Example and Laidback Luke in the past, he kicks off 2021 well with ‘Wait2U’!

Max Gylde, Morning Maxwell & Blush’ko – Delfina

A trio of talented producers come together for the super funky anthem that is ‘Delfina’. Whether is a nice summer day or a nightclub, this tune will go down a treat.

Haenzel – Setsunai

Unknown producer Haenzel brings forward a brilliant trance record that finds a way to merge the old school and new school elements of trance. The result is a quality production with a killer melody.

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