New Research Reveals The Musicians With The Most Loyal, Happy And Angry Fans On Twitter

Twitter is one of the most engaged and most used social media when it comes to music and that is more than evident with a new report.

New research conducted by Currys PC World in partnership with Bose delved into the behaviours of various music fan bases on social media to reveal which artists have the most dedicated, friendliest or even the angriest fans. Looking at tweets that mention 30 of the world’s most popular artists and groups, the study shed some light on the nature of modern-day fandom, and the role that social media plays in it.

  • Harry Styles received the most tweets of a positive sentiment (96% of all his mentions) of all musicians on the list, followed by Lady Gaga (95%) and Shawn Mendes (94%)
  • Outspoken Shakira and Kanye West received more angry and sad tweets than any other musicians on the list, with 45% and 38% of respective mentions demonstrating a negative sentiment
Artists that received the most positive tweets: Artists that received the most negative tweets:
Harry Styles – 96% positive
Camilla Cebello – 95% positive
Lady Gaga – 95% positive
Shawn Mendes – 94% positive
BTS – 92% positive
Shakira – 45% negative
Kanye West – 38% negative
Drake – 37% negative
Eminem – 36% negative
Cardi B – 35% negative

BTS has marked the dawn of the modern-day ‘mega-fan’, inspiring hundreds of millions of tweets

  • BTS has received over 230 million mentions on Twitter in the last four years and every tweet posted mentioning BTS is retweeted an average of 8.6 times
  • Each BTS fan has tweeted about the band approximately 7 times in the last four years
  • 76% of BTS Twitter fans are female

The noisiest Twitter fans belong to BTS, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé

  • Following BTS, Taylor Swift has received 10.8 million Twitter followers in the last four years, Lady Gaga has received 9.3 million and Beyoncé has received 8.7 million.
  • Lil Nas X fans are the most likely to retweet each other, averaging 9.5 retweets per original tweet
  • BTS, Lady Gaga and Camilla Cabello fans are the most likely to tweet multiple times about their favourite artists 
  • Katy Perry (108 million) and Justin Bieber (107 million) have the most followers on Twitter
Top 10 artists that received the most Twitter mentions:
BTS – 22,200,000
Taylor Swift –  84,900,000
Lady Gaga – 79,700,000
Beyoncé – 15,367,000
Justin Bieber – 107,000,000
Drake – 38,600,000
Rihanna – 93,900,000
Camilla Cabello – 9,700,000
Ariana Grande – 66,600,000
Shawn Mendes – 23,800,000

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