Nippanddab Drops Immersive, Colorful Single ‘Take Me Home’

Releasing on Sovereign Records, “Take Me Home,” is the next extension of a well-executed alias from the 1 man show Nippanddab. What he’s capable of has been put into play through singles like “Balenciaga,” and his remix of “Ride it,” – “Take Me Home,” proves he’s still got it and then some, dishing out some serious chops sonically that satisfy.

At the core of the track is a Brazilian bass / slap house genre inclusion, Nippanddab separating himself from the crowd through squeaky clean sample choice, cleverly written verses, and an inclusion of a vocal part that juices up the personality of the sound to the next level.

Real name Subrata Mondal, the solo DJ/producer is based out of India, specifically Bangalore. He pulls his influences from ZHU, Alok, Bhaskar, Sevenn, SNBRN, Meduza, the spirit of these artists being able to be felt through his own releases. He’s millions of plays deep and the ‘Ride It,” remix even found it’s way to Shazam’s top 50 on Apple Music. There’s much more to his story beyond this but if unfamiliar, now you have an introduction to what he’s bringing to the table.

“Take Me Home,” can heard in full below.




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