Oësha and Cyantist Ignite David Hohme’s Where The Heart Is Records with Progressive Fire

Oësha, also known as Maurice van der Molen, has evolved from his previous endeavors with Magnificence, embracing a more intricate and melody-focused approach in electronic music. His exploration into melodic techno, deeply rooted in progressive and house genres, showcases a significant progression in his artistic journey.

Oësha’s adeptness at blending intricate melodies with technologically-driven sounds lays a solid foundation for the impact of “Cosmic Cruise” on its audience. Joining forces with Oësha is Cyantist, recognized for his expertise in crafting deep basslines and uplifting melodies, often incorporating real instruments and vocals to add depth to his compositions.

Cyantist’s collaborations with prominent figures highlight his ability to blend traditional motifs with contemporary sonic elements, a technique prominently displayed in “Cosmic Cruise.” Released under David Hohme’s Where The Heart Is Records, “Cosmic Cruise” symbolizes the collaborative power that is within all of us.

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It offers not only an impressive, hypnotic experience but also a reflective journey, mirroring the label’s dedication to emotional depth and innovative exploration. This track serves as a wonderful example to the potential of collective creativity, signaling a promising evolution for both the artists involved as well as the label at hand.




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