Paramore’s “This Is Why” Tour Lands in Toronto [REVIEW]

On Thursday, June 8th, American rock band Paramore took to Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, treating the audience to a two-hour set filled with excitement, nostalgia, and pure bliss. The band wasted no time to heat up the stage as they kicked off with the angsty anthem “You First,” from their latest album, “This is Why.” The arena was then filled with a shower of red confetti as the crowd danced along. 

Frontwoman Hayley Williams then greeted her Toronto fans, exclaiming how long it had been since they’d performed at a large venue in Toronto. Declaring her love for their supporters, Williams humbly expressed gratitude that fans still stood by them even after a 20-year long run.

Paramore then continued with a carefully crafted curation of songs from their discography, including the timeless classic “That’s What You Get,” the infectiously upbeat “Rose-Colored Boy,” and even the hauntingly beautiful “Decode.” A truly special moment unfolded when the band reintroduced “Last Hope” into their setlist – an emotionally charged anthem about letting things go and trying to hold onto life as dearest as you can. The audience, their phones illuminated with their flashlights, joined in to passionately sing along to every heartfelt lyric.

Soon thereafter, the band unleashed the single that catapulted them into the spotlight; Misery Business. As Hayley’s powerhouse vocals soared through the venue, they reached the iconic bridge and scanned the crowd, searching for fans to join in and share the magic. As Hayley read through all the signs, she was surprised to see so many long-time supporting fans stating, “There are so many, like, old-school Paramore fans here tonight!” She then handpicked two excited fans, one to play lead guitarist Taylor York’s guitar and the other to join her in a duet. The pair bounced across the stage, while the crowd erupted with ecstatic screams, belting out the cherished lyrics in unison.

The band then finished their set with an array of chart-topping hits, including both irresistibly catchy tunes “Aint It Fun,” and “Still Into You.” After Hayley asked if everyone had a good time to which the crowd replied with a loud yes, they delved into their very last song. With hearts ablaze, Paramore broke out with the captivating and relatable “This is Why.” Paramore poured their hearts and souls into this show, leaving an undeniable mark on Toronto fans.