Pasquale Rotella Provides Update on EDC Las Vegas

Insomniac have been relatively quiet about upcoming events, especially their flasgship Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. That changed today when Founder and CEO of the company, Pasquale Rotella, comments via Instagram on both EDCLV and Beyond Wonderland.

EDCLV is currently set for May 21 – 23, a year after its initial dates due to cancellation. Beyond Wonderland is in the same boat, being delayed a year until June 25-26.

Pasquale explained:
“I know a lot of you are looking for an EDCLV update, so yes, we’re continuing to plan EDC Las Vegas & Beyond Wonderland for their scheduled dates. There continues to be new developments & we’re in constant communication with local officials. If things change, however, we have backup dates in place & I’ll let you know soon.”

What is most notable in his statement is that both shows, notable EDC are planned for their current dates. May is set a couple of months away. While the vaccine is helping America considerably, May is still very optimistic, but maybe Insomniac know something that we don’t.

But given that Insomniac just announced new festival in Florida for April 10th, maybe health and safety is not their upmost of priorities. With usually over 100,000 people from around the world traveling to Vegas for the event, it does not sound like a good idea, maybe not even this year.




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