Pleasure State Returns With EP As Their First Music In Years Marks 100th Release On Repopulate Mars

Pleasure State has officially returned with the first release since 2014. Some may remember their successful hit “Ghost In The System” in that year. Now, the trio are reviving the spirit of the group with “Break Away.” MK, Lee Foss, and Anabel Englund still make up the group and the single is signed to Foss’s self-started label titled: Repopulate Mars.

Quickly taking the attention of the listener, “Break Away’s” thumping basslines and a fresh percussion energy platform the highly distinct vocal work of Anabel Englund. The synth-style within provides a seamless transition to the 2nd and final track “Take My Time.” The single continues the fresh sensations many have been waiting for, but with a melancholy twist this time. Soft pad work and euphoric vocal samples properly diced up all come together to make a neatly sorted closer.

Lee Foss kicked off his label in 2016, bringing his spin to house and soon being an influential contributor to the genre through the musical organization. With Repopulate Mars releases often receiving healthy radio playout, charting on Beatport, and boasting a successful streaming count all things considered, the imprint is a perfect jump-start to the return of missed Pleasure State.





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