ryscu, Ray Le Fanue & Rachel Leycroft Unite On ‘Paper Plane’

After remixing Mashd n Kutcher’s ‘Last Resort’ in late 2020, ryscu makes his original debut on the label with ‘Paper Plane’. Teaming up with fellow talents Ray Le Fanue and Rachel Leycroft, the trio come together to create a wonderful, vibrant dance pop anthem that is sure to get some plays across summer.

Ray and Rachel created a terrific record that was taken to the next level by ryscu, which now arrives in the hands of fans. On the verge of 1 million plays for his second release ‘Collide’ and several hundred thousand across his other releases, ryscu is slowly growing his profile throughout the Australian and worldwide bass scenes.

Rachel Leycroft explained how she wrote the lyrics: “I love every song I’m lucky enough to work on, but this is definitely a special one. When Ray sent me the track, he completely ignited my imagination when he shared his inspiration for creating the production. Whenever I work on a new project, I love asking the producers about their process…about what kinds of things were on their mind when creating. I’ve collaborated with Ray a few times now and his visions add magic to my blank canvas. In this case, he shared three main words with me: nostalgia, hope, & unity. I was immediately taken back to childhood; back to when our dreams had no limits. As we grow, maybe we sometimes forget what it’s like to lay on the grass, stare up at the stars, & let our minds fly unpredictably into the night like a paper plane. But maybe, all we need is the smallest nostalgic reminder to take us back there.”




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