SAYMYNITTI Shows Off More Acid Techno Sound With 2 Heaters ‘I Like My Techno’ & ‘Misbehave’

Los Angeles-based dance music pioneers SAYMYNITTI are set to turn back the clock, drawing dance enthusiasts into the electric allure of the 90s and early 2000s rave scene. Comprising NITTI and SAYMYNAME, this dynamic duo is not just relying on nostalgia; they’re here to make an impact with their latest double-single release featuring “I Like My Techno” and “Misbehave”, set to captivate the masses come September 1st.

Their distinctive flavor, fusing old school trance with turbocharged techno, is unmistakable. Dive into “I Like My Techno”, and you’re greeted with robotic chants and entrancing drone effects. As the track progresses, a heavy techno bassline blends seamlessly with ringing alarms, setting the stage for a trance-inspired escapade.

On the flip side, “Misbehave” is a siren’s call of acid techno. It juxtaposes sultry female vocals against a relentless beat, creating a tantalizing soundscape.

NITTI, with a Grammy nod and collaborations with the likes of Diplo, Bad Bunny, and Diesel, brings a seasoned touch to this collaboration. Equally formidable is SAYMYNAME, credited with pioneering ‘Hardtrap’ and rubbing shoulders with legends such as David Guetta and Skrillex.

Having made waves in 2022 with their debut, “BING BONG!”, via HARD Recs, SAYMYNITTI is on a quest – to meld iconic rave culture with cutting-edge production. Fresh off a global tour that has seen them set stages aflame from HARD Summer to Academy LA, SAYMYNITTI promises that their electric journey is only just beginning.




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