Sevenn Creates Momentum With “Champagne & Pizza”

Brazilian-American DJ and producer Sevenn returns with yet another infectious Hybrid Techno heater. Straight from Mentalo Music, “Champagne & Pizza” is Sevenn’s latest semi-dark genre-bender, and it bursts with flavor from start to finish.

Whispered vocals tango with oscillating beatwork and collide with a thumping bassline, irresistible to all who listen. Slinging a palpable energy via nostalgic melodies, “Champagne & Pizza” is yet another remarkable release seen from the international talent. Coining his distinct style as Hybrid Techno, Sevenn continues to hypnotize listeners with his trademark sound and is currently sitting atop a stockpile of fresh tunes that will see their emergence later this year.

“‘Champagne & Pizza’ is about finding your inner darkness and facing it. Not everything that happens in life is light, and so this song is about a dark place but kind of a mischievous one. I came up with the idea for the lead by putting a bunch of arpeggiators together and the computer basically spoke this melody to me in real-time. And that’s what you’re hearing. It’s kind of a collab between me and the computer, like my cyborg kid.” – Sevenn

There’s much left on the horizon for this jack-of-all-trades, and we’re excited to catch glimpses of what he has in store for the remainder of the year. Listen to “Champagne & Pizza” on your preferred platform or listen below!




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