Shöckface and DJ Ride Celebrate Anniversary of ‘3001’ with VIP Spin

To celebrate the anniversary of “3001,” which came out 365 days ago, Shöckface and Portugese scratch champion DJ Ride are re-imaginating their space bass weapon with a VIP spin. While the original track was independently released, the two have partnered up with Texas-based label PRIME to accompany their expedition through the space time continuum.

Returning to the year 3001, the VIP paints an eclectic soundscape filled with cinematic and machinery influences. The soundscapes perfectly represent the advanced technological era that is expected to occur in the distant future, even depicted in robotic dog barks. It gives a glimpse into how driving through the future may sound, while continuing to showcase Shöckface and DJ Ride’s signature experimental sound designs. Bass laden synth work and fierce percussion pair up for an exhilarating audio experience through space and time.

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