ShockOne Shares His Favorite Up & Coming Artists After Launching New Label: ‘Dark Machine’

Perth’s ShockOne (Karl Thomas) just launched his new label Dark Machine Records, named after his 2019 album. With a clear vision in mind, Karl hopes to build a community that supports and promotes forward thinking bass music, and further to that, helps foster a more connected scene throughout Asia Pacific and beyond. Already scoping a wide range of talent for releases throughout 2020, Karl is looking forward to helping artists in realising their own creative vision, whilst also assisting them in being able to make a fair living from their craft. 

Partnering with Central Station Records for distribution and label services, General Manager Matt Nugent shares “we’re super excited to work with ShockOne. When it comes to bass music, he’s truly one of Australia’s international ambassadors and has inspired so many Australian bass music artists with his achievements. We can’t wait for the rest of the world to hear the amazing music he’s got coming up on the label.”

To celebrate the new beginning, ShockOne takes us through some of the best up and comers throughout the heavy electronic scene and beyond, many of which we can expect on the label. Have a listen and read through the artists below, you never know, the next ShockOne may be included!

Lee Mvtthews

An obvious choice considering I just signed their tune ‘Turning Back’ to my label. The amount of quality bass music these guys are pushing out right now is intimidating! In New Zealand they aren’t really ‘up and comers’ as they have already put out an amazing debut album and have quite a sizeable dedicated fan base. I’m really keen to show case more of their music to Australia and the world on the label.


A Perth/NZ based duo that are signed to Dj Frictions Elevate label. These guys make great dance floor oriented drum and bass on the heavier side. Again, they’re gaining some serious tracking on NZ radio right now, we need to catch up over here in Australia! 

Quinn Karter

According to her facebook page: Master chef of tunes and can press cue accordingly

Pretty spot on if I’m honest. I currently have a rather stacked folder of music from her, ranging from slaperoni hybrid trap to hip hop to some other stuff I can’t really put into a genre box, which is a great thing. Expect to hear a lot more about Quinn Karter. 


My favourite new song I heard this week that is on loop in my car atm is by this guy. He’s pushing a sound that is a really unique combination of early 00’s trance, trap, techno… Seriously sick. 


A Perth drum and bass producer on the deeper side of things. When it comes to purist drum and bass for the heads I don’t think anyone else in Australia is doing a better job at it than Confusious


These guys are a tokyo based duo making some very interesting very awesome hybrid wonky stuff. They played at my most recent Tokyo show and I believe played 100% originals and their set blew my mind

Allen Mock 

Another Tokyo based producer on the hybrid trap/dubstep tip. Super sick productions/songs and mixdowns, and a very lovely human being as well! Do yourself a favour go and listen to his collab with fellow Aussie Jvng Jalapeno


This guy is from the Netherlands and is making some really great euphoric melodic dnb. I don’t know much more about him but I know everything I’ve heard from him is great

Tina Says

Fellow Perthian waving the tech house flag for the city! I’ve been following Tina’s rise as a producer for the last few years and every song is exponentially more banging than that last. Her new single ‘Limbo’ is awesome and I can’t wait to hear what she puts out next! 




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