SNYDER Unleashes 10-Track LP Titled ‘In The Dark’

SNYDER continues to press on in light of the uncertainy going on in the world, sharing a sense of nostalgia and normalcy all in the same mode with his 10-track In The Dark EP

The amount of versatility across the ten tracks is impressive, Dre Of The East, 51b, 24hrs, and many others making their mark along SNYDER as the moods and vibes unfold with each passing release. At times showering listeners with future bass sidechains that feel surrounding, then at others boasting moombahton themes that transition the journey to something unpredictable – many refreshing traits are woven in here.

In The Dark is overall pleasant adventure, priming the mind for a certain-eased experience as the collaborators bring out their audible identities one by one. The streaming side isn’t the only aspects of focus for SNYDER, before the pandemic derailed live events, SNYDER shared the stage with a hold host of A-list names including RL Grime, Chris Lake, and dozens of others. Going off the many corners of what it takes to make a name for yourself over time, SNYDER is hitting several high notes to say the least.




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