The Chainsmokers Mark Their Return With ‘High’

After a two year break, The Chainsmokers return, kickstarting the rollout for their new album. The first single to come from #TCS4 is ‘High’, a glistening pop record.

Before the announcement of the single, The Chainsmokers teased their return using doppelgängers, embracing the ‘basic white guy’ meme.

‘High’ blends elements of electronic, pop and punk to create a unique but familiar song. The track is great and sets a strong precedent for their album. Listening to the song, it make sense to see it was co-produced by Nick Long and Whethan, which all three sets of producers bringing in their own sounds.

The track originally featured The Kid LAROI, which clearly did not come to fruition. The removal may have been due to creative differences or management. The parts in which one featured The Kid LAROI now are sung by Drew from The Chainsmokers. If you look hard enough, you may find the original version on the internet.





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