The Toxic Avenger Drops New Single Ahead Of Forthcoming Album

The Toxic Avenger returns with his most versatile and ambitious project since his debut 15 years ago. Simply put, forthcoming album “Yes Future” is a masterpiece and a masterclass, dabbling in all of the best elements of electronic music. The styles effortlessly hop from synthetic and organic electro to nu-disco/French-touch with ease, paying homage to the entire genre and his own sprawling back catalog at the same time. And that’s the thing – no matter how far he strays from his comfort zone, his intricate musical signatures will ensure you always know it’s The Toxic Avenger as soon as you hear it.

Lead single “Getting Started” does just that, reminding old fans that The Toxic Avenger hasn’t lost a step, and quickly showing new listeners how hard-hitting and hypnotizing his music can be. Packed with crisp percussion, atmospheric synths and a vocal sample that provides the melodic backbone to the track, “Getting Started” accomplishes exactly what the title says – and now we’re all ready for the main course. 

The Toxic Avenger explains: “For the first time, I tried to do a real album opening track. Something that lands there and defines the contours of the album. I like to work on these bits of voice which are simple at the base and to create virtual harmonies There is in this opening track an ele- ment that you will often find throughout the disc: The bass is a base of DX7, I wanted to return to this synth, made by Yamaha in the early 80s and which flooded the market with pop songs of those years.”

Getting Started” drops today (September 28th), and “Yes Future” will follow on November 4th.




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