These Two Brothers are Reviving the French Dance Music Scene

First, there was Daft Punk, then Justice. Now … Jersey?

On the evening of November 3, overlooking the bustling expanse of Paris’ largest highway, there was one apartment hosting a party unlike any other. The room overflowed with a hundred electrified souls who weren’t only there to witness the raw power of Jersey’s latest live performance, they were there to be a part of it. 

The duo known as Jersey performed their debut EP ‘The World I’m Searching For’ in a first ever live listening experience, transforming the packed room into an epicenter of electronic resonance. The high-energy performance – which has already reached over 10 million views on social media in less than a month – perfectly captured the essence of Jersey: a blend of aggressive, yet melodic up-tempo house music and UK garage, influenced by a rapidly unfolding new era in the French electronic dance scene. This EP is a testament to their commitment to pushing the possibilities of dance music, and shaping the landscape before our eyes. 

Jersey’s artistry extends beyond their music to the visual realm. Their cover arts feature warped, morphed faces of the two brothers – Carl and Renaud – that mirror the AI-sound of their vocals in their music, creating a visual representation of their sound’s fluid and dynamic character. Listening to their robotic vocals one can’t help but think of another French electronic duo – Daft Punk. While the brothers may be inspired by the infamous electronic group, Jersey has a more aggressive style reminiscent of iconic moshpits of an early Warped Tour. 

At the party in Paris, one manic fan took a lamp and threw it over his head as he headbanged with it to the music. Fans rejoiced – with one even blowing a kiss – when the group debuted a Lord of the Rings remix, which has eclipsed over 4 million views on Instagram Reels. The full YouTube video of the performance is aptly titled “we play music until someone breaks our synths”, foreshadowing the party foul that ended the set amidst the euphoric chaos the brothers created live for everyone in the room.

The French apartment party may be over, but with the release of their debut EP, the Jersey party is just beginning. Their journey is a blueprint for emerging artists in the digital age, showcasing that true artistry can thrive amidst the noise of social media.

Their music, a fresh and invigorating take on the French electronic sound, combined with their authentic digital presence, positions them as next up in a long lineage of iconic French electronic duos such as Daft Punk and Justice.

Now, with a stunning new EP hot off the press via the renowned dance music label TH3RD BRAIN Records, this dynamic duo serve as a beacon of authenticity in an age of digital superficiality.




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