Tone Youth Run The Scene Via Drop Of New Single ‘ASICS’

Hot on the heels of their attention-grabbing collaboration with well-known Chicago-based MC Mick Jenkins (“Morse Code”), Tone Youth return with a blazing hot song simply titled “ASICS.” But the song is anything but simple, layered with meaning about evolving your own way and taking time to process and learn along the journey (true to ASICS sneakers Latin acronym “anima sana in corpore sano” which means “a sound mind in a sound body). The message is delivered with striking clarity, thanks to T$oko kicking things off with a flow that would make any seasoned vet jealous, bolstered by his catchy trademark dancehall style delivered throughout the choruses. Robb James and Jimmy Drones both add serious firepower, with flows that echo the greats of the 90’s while still adding enough modern flair to sound incredibly fresh. The drum heavy, horn-laden track by Heaprize recalls the rugged, dusty vibe of classic RZA productions and keeps your head bobbing at a pace that might require a neck brace when listening.

Tone Youth explains more about the track: “Our song “ASICS” is about giving yourself the time to learn, grow, conserve your energy, and then flourish. It’s about taking time off to re-energise and come back stronger than ever. This song is about the evolution of our craft, and celebrating the milestones we have achieved individually and as a collective.”

Hailing from different corners of the globe, Perth hip-hop collective Tone Youth embodies a truly global sound. With the members originating from Zimbabwe, Jamaica, UK, and Australia, Tone Youth embrace their individuality and use it as their strength and power. This approach has earned the collective steady growth and extremely noteworthy highlights such as appearances on Triple J (biggest radio station in Australia), Complex Magazine, No Jumper, and opening slots for massive artists such as Lil Wayne, French Montana and Future. With the squad bursting full of producers, singers, and rappers that blend different soundscapes and vibes, you can never guess the collective’s next move. And that’s the way they want to keep it. You can check out the official video teaser below and listen to the track via the link:




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