tyDi Releases Vocal Driven ‘Fool for You’

Australian born producer tyDI is back with another bubbly single ‘Fool for You’. Incorporating amazing vocals and a punchy drop filled with vocal cuts, this is a treat not only for tyDi fans but dance music enthusiasts.

‘Fool For You’ follows a complicated love story where one person is head over heels in love in an exhilarating and intoxicating relationship. As the lyrics mention, “I know there is no turning back when you touch me/ we’re flames burning to ashes, in your chains I feel free…every moment without you I’m safe but I want the rush of your dangerous love.

tyDi once again showcases his talented production skill and ear for music. ‘Fool For You’ is filled with a beautiful array of melodic tones and energizing instrumentals followed by a clean, energetic and uplifting drop.

 tyDi: “Fool For You just has something special about it, it’s got just the right amount of emotion, a little bit of sass and a badass instrumental section.”

‘Fool For You’ is sure to be a highlight through tyDi’s extensive discography. He brings forward a familiar style but adds his own unique signature.




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